Cork Folk Festival - Cork, Ireland  3rd-7th October 2018


The PAV Thursday 1st October 9pm Tickets €20 (Support ARUNDO)

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These 6 players alone have the sheer talent to conquer. But with the delicate and completely honest voice of Cathy Jordan added to the mix, what we witness is a group of musicians whose power is unstoppable. By Tal (Berkeley, CA USA)
Sligo, with its mountains, glens and wind -swept Atlantic shore, has long been the source of inspiration for Irish artistry, from the visionary works of renowned poet, W.B Yeats, to the revered music of fiddle legend, Michael Coleman. The source remains and the tradition continues, this year marking the 24th anniversary of Dervish coming together. Beginning as a group of musicians playing the tunes of their native Sligo in local bars, over the last twenty four years Dervish have broadened their musical vision and with it their devoted audience, which is now worldwide.
The band members include Cathy Jordan, Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Tom Morrow, Brian Mc Donagh and Michael Holmes, have performed throughout every corner of the globe, playing for heads of state, and for an audience of 240,000 in Rio de Janeiro. Over the years they have shared the stage with James Brown, The Buena Vista Social Club, Oasis, Sting, REM and Beck and have chronicled their musical journey in ten classic CDs and two DVDs. Year after year their CDs have topped Folk, World and Roots Music charts in Ireland establishing them as one of the all-time great traditional Irish bands. Readers of top music magazines have awarded Dervish ‘Best Overall Irish Roots Act’ on several occasions in their twenty four years and, in what is perhaps their proudest moment, Sligo City Council bestowed on them the Freedom of the city of Sligo for their contribution to the region’s vibrant artistic culture.
Onstage, a Dervish performance ranges from powerful and energetic dance tunes to sublime interpretations of Irish songs and airs with vocals, fiddle, flute, accordion, bodhrán, mandola and bouzouki. Interwoven with Cathy Jordan’s beguiling voice and engaging stage presence, an evening with Dervish is filled with enough warmth; conviviality and inspiration fill a lifelong memory.

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